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Though Paintless Dent Repair has increased in popularity, there are still many questions people have about the process and a few facts people should consider when choosing how, and where, their vehicle gets repaired.




Your insurance company is likely very familiar with Paintless Dent Repair, and most often has a list of vendors they commonly use. 


1. It is your vehicle, you have a right to select the auto body repair provider of your choice for ALL auto body work.


2. Your insurance company is not responsible for the warranty of the repair, so ensure you are selecting a company that will back up their work and has a strong reputation in the community.  


3.  If you choose to not repair the hail damage on your vehicle, in the future, if your vehicle is involved in an accident, your insurance company will deduct the hail damage from the damaged panels on the collision claim.





Yes, PDR can be warrantied. While it is uncommon to need to use the warranty, its a peace of mind should anything out of the ordinary happen. This warranty also respects the paint in the area of the repair. 


1. There will always be 'hail chasers', these shops commonly set up for a period of time during hail season in order to maximize profitability, and leave once the work trails off.


2. Sometimes it's more than just a dent.  If the work completed is only surface, it may not address the concerns below. 



1. How long does PDR take? 


Every repair is different, and due to the precision craftsmanship required for each dent or ding, we can only provide an estimate after looking at your vehicle. 


2. Is it cheaper than painting my vehicle?


Often it is much less expensive than repainting all, or a portion, of the vehicle while still providing that flawless finish. It also saves you from running the risk of slightly mismatched colored panels and variances in the shine.  


3. Can you guarantee it will look perfect? 


PDR is an art. I have taken this craft seriously, having traveled to San Diego, California to get the best PDR training in the world with Myke Toledo at Dent Time and further trained in Advanced PDR with Kaz Stanliner in Kaunas, Lithuania. 


In my experience in auto body repair and now PDR, the comparison is almost indistinguishable, where the most noted difference lies when looking at the overall vehicle, especially if the paint finish and color are slightly off. 

4. How big of a dent can you fix with PDR?


It depends more on the dent. As an experienced auto body repairman, I can tell you, without bias, if the job is larger, or more complex, than what PDR is best used for. Often we are unaware of the below the surface damage or other issues. I will provide you an honest assessment during your free consultation and, if you would like, I can also recommend some great local shops that have always provided exceptional work and customer service.


5. Does PDR affect the resale value of my vehicle? 


NO, Because PDR does not change the original factory or manufacturer paint color and finish, it will not depreciate the overall resale value of your vehicle. 



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